Somewhereeeee near Mount Bromo, Surabaya. 

Sam (don't call her Samantha) is a Singapore-based writer and editor with one eye on the page and the other on the road. Her work has appeared in Saveur, The Miele Guide, The Word Ho Chi Minh City, SC Global, LUX, Tatler Singapore, SG Dining and Roads & Kingdoms

A previous gig at Appetite, a Singaporean lifestyle publication, brought her to wholesale fish markets at the asscrack of dawn, the front porch of rabid gardeners, the bartop where Ernest Hemingway slurped up marennes, and Confucius' Annals. Now she edits cookbooks for wayward chefs at Epigram Books

She's also available for freelance writing and editing gigs: copy writing, travel, lifestyle, food, and pretty much anything you'd trust her to inscribe unto the blank page. Though there is a strong possibility that she'll be riding horses in the Patagonian wilderness very soon, she'll always have access to email. So please, do write her.